Alien Hunter Fishing Game: New iGaming product by Spadegaming on Maxim88 Malaysia

Given how frequently many players engage online gaming and betting, you can easily get used to the gameplay and the rewards. Hence, bettors prefer to have new challenges to test their resolve and critical thinking. People need something to stimulate them to become a better gamer than yesterday. For these reasons, no online casino Malaysia platform that knows its onion would not want to introduce something new to registered members. 

Consequently, it is crucial to have online game providers that are innovative and willing to meet the needs of several online bettors. In this regard, Maxim88 Malaysia performs excellently. This is because the betting platform has invested heavily in collaborations and partnerships with vibrant game developers. These include JILI, FA Chai, Evolution Gaming, etc. This covers several gaming categories on the Malaysia gaming platform, including live casino games, slot games, lottery games, and fishing games Malaysia

Speaking of fishing games, JILI, PlayStar, FA Chai, CQ9, JDB, NextSpin, and Spadegaming are the providers of adventurous games on Maxim88 Malaysia. However, Spadegaming is the most recent provider of new games on the platform – the Alien Hunter Fishing Game. For those who have yet to try out the exciting fish-hunting game, here is an extensive read for you to learn. Let’s begin. 

Introducing Alien Hunter Fishing Game by Spadegaming

Alien Hunter is a fishing game by Spadegaming, an online game provider that specializes in Asian-themed slot games. Maxim88 Malaysia players get to join the hunters on a mission to a newly found planet in the game. During the challenge, you will encounter different types of aliens and try to catch them for rewards. 


The game features three difficulty levels, special tools, four special type creatures, and three bosses that offer different challenges and bonuses. You can also buy features that enhance your hunting experience, such as extra bullets, bombs, or electric shocks. Alien Hunter Fishing game has a remarkable 96.5% RTP and medium volatility. In other words, you have a fair chance of winning some prizes while enjoying the thrilling gameplay and graphics.

Furthermore, players have been enjoying the superb fishing game on different platforms since its release in 2022. These include Apple devices, Windows laptops, and Android devices. Also, you may choose to play the game on the Maxim88 Malaysia website by using Chrome, Edge, or any other renowned browser. Depending on your preferred language, players are enabled to choose from eleven different languages. 

Fishing Game on Maxim88 Malaysia: Alien Hunter Gameplay

If you are wondering whether you need special know-how or gaming experience to engage in the Alien Hunter fishing game, the answer is no. This is because the gameplay is simple and intuitive. You can use your mouse to aim and shoot at the aliens that appear on the screen. Aternatively, touch screen may also be used. The more aliens you catch, the more coins you earn. 


Additionally, players can use the special tools to catch multiple aliens at once or target specific ones. For example, the bomb tool can explode and catch all the aliens in a certain area, while the electric shock tool can stun and catch all the aliens of the same color. You can also activate the auto-shoot mode to let the game shoot for you automatically.

Features of Alien Hunter Fishing Game by Spadegaming

As you stated earlier, the fish-hunting game has some special features that make it more exciting and rewarding. There are four special types of creatures that have different effects when you catch them. The golden creature can multiply your coins by up to 10 times. Meanwhile, the rainbow creature can change the color of all the aliens on the screen. As for the black hole creature, it can be used to suck in all the aliens nearby. Players can also use the UFO creature to trigger a bonus game where you can win extra prizes. 


Also, you should take note of the three bosses in the Alien Hunter game. They appear randomly and have higher values than the regular aliens. The bosses are a giant octopus, a dragon, and a robot. You need to shoot them multiple times to catch them, but they can also fight back by shooting lasers or missiles at you. If you manage to catch a boss, you will get a huge reward and a chance to enter a jackpot game where you can win even more coins.

Bonuses and Promos by Maxim88 Malaysia for Fishing Games

Now that you are quite familiar with the fish hunting game by Spadegaming, it’s also important to remember some generous offers on Maxim88 Malaysia worth exploring. These bonuses and promos can be used to raise your winnings or soften the blow of losses on a bad day. As a fish-hunting game enthusiast, consider checking out exciting offers, such as a 288% Welcome Bonus, All-Games-In-One Welcome Bonus, Daily Unlimited Reload Bonus, and Crypto Deposit Bonus, among others. 

However, it is worth noting that you’ll encounter some other bonuses on the promo page. It’s not every bonus that is applicable to fishing games or Spadegaming products. Thus, players are encouraged to read the eligibility, requirements, and terms associated with each promo and bonus. In this way, you’ll not waste your time focusing on a bonus that doesn’t apply to your gaming category or specific game. Also, doing so cuts out the chances of forfeiting a bonus. 


Alien Hunter is a fun and exciting fishing game that will take you to a new world of adventure and entertainment. Considering the medium volatility level of the game and the low stakes required, you don’t need to be a high roller on the Maxim88 Malaysia platform before you can stake on the game. Feel free to play the fish-hunting game once you complete your account registration and deposit in your Maxim88 wallet. For those who prefer to engage in the game on the go, you may choose to download the Maxim88 app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Enjoy the adventurous gaming experience from Spadegaming on Maxim88 Malaysia casino. 

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