Live football betting в India

Live Football Betting – Get Double the Fun of Winning at PariPesa

Major soccer competitions are in full swing. Want to enjoy championships like America’s Cup 2024 and Euro 2024 to the fullest? Live football betting will help you do just that. With them, you will experience a whole range of emotions and get the maximum pleasure!

Live Football Betting

A unique opportunity for people in India to stay up to date with the game and get real-time updates on corner kicks, total cautions, and the time of the next goal. For example:

  • Double chance – covering two outcomes with one bet.
  • Handicap betting – one team’s virtual advantage or disadvantage in terms of goals.
  • Correct Score – the correct final score of the match.
  • Next Goal Time – predicting the timing of the next goal.
  • Special offers for players – the opportunity to bet on player results (goals, assists, cards, etc.).
  • Corner kicks – bets on “more/less” or which team will get the next corner kick.
  • Total number of warnings – “over/under” option for warnings in a match for a team/player.


This is just a fraction of the different options, more can be found on the official site at the bookmaker. Agree, it is much more interesting to win with such bets!

Live Betting Strategies

Since these bets are especially popular among players, there are many strategies:

  • The favorite who missed at the beginning of the match. In this case, the odds for the outsider to win decrease, and the odds for the favorite to win increase. This is a good time to take a chance and bet on it. The probability of winning is quite high.
  • Odds that are too low mean that the risk is too high. If you like to bet on low odds, pay attention to the popularity of the bet and the team’s ability to win back in the remaining period of time. 
  • Betting on lower odds. This strategy is good because if you lose, you can lose a small amount, but if you win, the sum will be significant. This is how you can use the opportunity in football at the end of the match – bet on the total or on the victory of one of the teams.


To make Live football betting as convenient as possible, we recommend downloading the bookmaker’s mobile application. So you can play, track your winnings on the go, and stay up to date with all the events.

Betting on the App or Mobile Version of the Site

Betting with PariPesa is a pleasure, as it is possible to do it from both the mobile version of the website and the app. This provides free access to different devices.


The advantages of the mobile version include:

  • Ability to use from any device.
  • No installation is required.
  • Convenient navigation.


Pros of PariPesa mobile application:

  • Good performance.
  • Quick access from your smartphone/tablet.
  • Event notifications.
  • Comfortable use of all functions.


Choose the best way for you and be in the rhythm of Live football betting with PariPesa.


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