Looking for a gold loan? Here’s how you can get the best interest rates

Discover effective strategies to secure the most favourable interest rates when applying for a gold loan.

Gold holds immense cultural, and economic significance in India. For centuries, gold has been an integral part of weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies, symbolising wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Beyond its cultural value, gold plays a pivotal role in India’s economy as a form of investment and savings for millions of households. In India, gold transcends its material worth, embodying emotional, social, and financial security for generations.

While availing a gold loan, getting a lower gold loan interest rate can make a significant difference in your financial plan. When it comes to gold loans, the interest rates are a crucial aspect to consider. These rates determine the amount that you repay along with the principal loan. With Bajaj Finance, you can avail of a gold loan starting from Rs. 5,000 up to Rs. 2 crore with interest rates starting at just 9.50% p.a. 

Here are five tips to ensure the most favourable interest rates on your gold loan.

Understanding gold rates 

Gold loan interest rates are influenced by various factors, primarily linked to market trends, loan tenure, and the lender’s policies. One crucial factor is the prevailing market rate of gold. When gold prices are high, lenders might offer lower interest rates as they consider the gold pledged as collateral more valuable. Conversely, during low gold rates, interest rates may be slightly higher.

Loan to value (LTV) ratio

The Loan to Value (LTV) ratio determines the loan amount that you receive against the value of your gold. Lower LTV ratios generally lead to lower interest rates. Therefore, inquire about the LTV ratio offered by various lenders and how it affects the interest rates they propose. You can also use the Bajaj Finance Gold Loan Calculator to determine the interest payable based on the gold loan per gram and tenure. 

Loan tenure consideration

The tenure of your gold loan influences the interest rates. Hence, it is important to assess your repayment capabilities to strike a balance between tenure and interest rates. With Bajaj Finance, you can choose a repayment tenure up to 12 months and pay your interest on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. This form of financing lets you choose a convenient repayment schedule as per your financial standing. 

Hidden or additional charges

While choosing a lender, it is important to understand all the charges and fees associated with the gold loan. Discussing your repayment plan or providing more collateral might help in negotiating lower interest rates. It is crucial to note the potential charges such as foreclosure or prepayment fees, impacting the total loan cost. With Bajaj Finance, you can pre-pay or foreclose your gold loan early at no added charges*.

Hence, obtaining the best interest rates for a gold loan involves understanding market dynamics, choosing the right lender, and grasping the associated charges. By considering factors such as loan tenure, understanding LTV ratios, and leveraging your gold’s value, you can secure the most favourable interest rates for your gold loan, aligning with your financial needs.

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