What Is a Level 1 Charger?

A level 1 charger refers to the charging cable that comes with every electric vehicle, allowing you to charge your car via a standard 120V wall outlet. It is the slowest EV charging method and takes between 40-50 hours to fill an empty battery. Level 1 chargers add 2-5 miles of driving range per charging hour. best fake id website

They are essential because they enable EV owners to recharge their cars without buying any extra charging equipment. This means drivers can connect their cars to an electric outlet at home overnight. 

Level 1 chargers supply an average power output of 1.3kW to 2.4 kW. At this rate, an overnight charge adds between 30-50 miles of range. This is ideal for the average daily commute.

Understanding a Level 1 Charger & How to Get One

As the demand for electric vehicles rises, different manufacturers are offering EV charging solutions. Electrly has been a leader in this mission as it produces and supplies level 1 chargers and other EV charging products to over 30 countries worldwide. Their level 1 chargers are plug-and-play and come in type 1 & 2 connectors for maximum compatibility across many EV brands. The chargers are also IP65 water resistant and offer surge and overload protection to keep you and your EV safe. 

Level 1 chargers have a simple setup that comprises:

  • A small box or cylinder that houses the circuit breaker, monitors the temperature, and also has a light that illuminates when connected to the grid. It also has the electronics needed to control the charger via an app and monitor the earth connection.
  • A short cable with a three-prong household plug connected to one end of the box/cylinder. The plug goes into the wall outlet. 
  • A long cord is attached to one end of the small box/cylinder and a pistol grip connector is on the other end of the cord which is plugged into the car when charging. The connector is typically an SAE J1772 connector.

A Level 1 charger operates on a 120V, 20 Amp circuit, the power rating of a typical home socket. This enables EV drivers to charge from home without needing to install any equipment. However, due to the low voltage, it charges slowly and is often called trickle charging. Thus, depending on the battery size, charging from empty to full can take more than 48 hours.

You can buy a portable level 1 charger or install one for use at home, the workplace, or to set up a public charging station. For whichever charger, Electrly has got you. The order process is seamless and they will even connect you to an expert if you need any assistance. You can order a single unit or multiple units for your business to get exclusive discounts. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Level 1 Chargers

Using a Level 1 charger for your EV has benefits and drawbacks as we can see below:


  • Issued by the EV’s manufacturer, so you don’t need to dig back into your pocket.
  • Portable.
  • Relatively cheap and readily available if you need to replace yours.
  • Don’t require installation.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Better energy management.
  • Cheaper energy cost (less than $0.5 per charging hour).


  • Slow charging.
  • The charging outlet requires a dedicated line from the circuit breaker.
  • Unsuitable for a household with multiple EVs.

Level 1 Chargers and Electric Vehicles

Any level 1 charger can be used on nearly all electric vehicles since they are compatible and charge at the same rate. This is because level 1 chargers are created with the presumption that they will be used on 15-20 amp circuits. Also, since they typically use the J1772 standard connector, they can be plugged into most EV models.

However, despite being convenient and effective, level 1 chargers are more suitable for hybrid vehicles and EVs with smaller batteries since the bigger the battery, the longer it takes to charge. With a level 1 charger, the biggest batteries can take up to 48 hours to fill up. This is not time efficient. 

Due to this speed and how they are set up, level 1 chargers are slow and unsuitable for commercial use. For faster EV charging speed, you should upgrade to a level 2 or level 3 charger. But since these require installation, I recommend you turn to Electrly for professional EV charger installation.

Electrly is one of the major players in the production, supply and installation of EV chargers and offers effective and comprehensive solutions. Their services are competitively priced, and the technicians will help you acquire the necessary licenses for single or multi-point chargers.


Since the average American drives less than 35 miles daily, charging their EV on a level 1 charger overnight is sufficient. As a result, level 1 chargers account for more than 60% of EV charging. However, the slow charging speed remains an inconvenience to drivers.

Fortunately, auto manufacturers are constantly striving to create new technologies to fasten level 1 chargers. With the EV charging market projected to grow by 30% annually until 2030, significant improvements are expected on level 1 chargers. In the future, level 1 chargers will get incredibly faster.

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